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Custom Built GARAGES for over  HALF A CENTURY  


Do I have to find another contractor to install the foundation?
No way!!!  ALLIED CONSTRUCTION INC. stays with you the entire way through the construction of your new Garage.  That includes excavating the ground, laying the footer and foundation, building the Garage you want in it's entirety, installing any extra's you choose and complete cleanup. We're with you from start to finish!

Can I obtain a price for my Garage over the phone?
       Sure!!  We will be happy to give you a "ball park" estimate over the phone.  But please understand to give you an actual price it is necessary to see the ground and other conditions that will obviously play an important part in the final price

Is Allied Construction registered as a Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor?   

        We sure are... Our Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor Number is:  PA005546   

Do I have to pay for a salesperson to give me an estimate?
What??  There are companies that actually CHARGE for an estimate????  ALLIED CONSTRUCTION INC. has always offered FREE ESTIMATES.  You are under NO OBLIGATION what so ever.

Do I have to take off work for a salesperson to call on me?
Maybe other companies require you to be available during THEIR hours but not ALLIED CONSTRUCTION INC.  Our salespeople will be happy to schedule an on site appointment around YOUR schedule.  Mornings, afternoons, evenings and even weekends.  As long as we can see the ground, we'll make an appointment whenever you like.

What size Garage should I consider having built?
Naturally that depends on your needs, but what is important to remember is that ALLIED CONSTRUCTION builds ANY size and ANY style GARAGE.  By far our most popular model is our 24' x 24' two car Garage.  This model is designed to house two FULL size automobiles COMFORTABLY!  This means that given the size of today's cars, you can normally expect ample room for two cars and depending on the size of the cars, sufficient room for additional storage.

Are ALLIED CONSTRUCTION Garages Pre-Fabricated?

      ALLIED Garages are never pre-fabricated or pre-cut in any way.  Everything is measured, cut and built right on the jobsite

Can ALLIED CONSTRUCTION attach a Garage to my house?
Of course we can.  We have constructed MANY attached Garages.  Just ask your salesperson for details.     

Does ALLIED CONSTRUCTION carry Insurance?
Absolutely!  We carry full liability Insurance.  We are always happy to provide you and your municipality with a copy of our insurance certificates.

Does ALLIED CONSTRUCTION employ Subcontractors?
Almost all companies utilize Subcontractor's and we are no exception.  However where we differ from others is that our Subcontractor's have been with us for many, many years.  Our work is NEVER farmed out to the lowest bidder, but instead we draw on the time tested experience of the people that have worked for us so well for half a century.  Also, you can rest assured all of our Subcontractor's carry full insurance.  We insist on it.

What if I have a problem or question after construction begins?
Just give us a call or stop in.  We're available every weekday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM at our location in ALLIED PLAZA, 416 Constitution Blvd., New Brighton, PA 15066-2900.  We are located approximately five miles south of the Chippewa Exit (exit15) off PA Route 60 (The Beaver Valley Expressway)  We are on PA State Route 51.  Our telephone number is 724-846-0500 and our fax number is 724-846-1189.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss all problems that might occur.  We don't work out of a pickup truck, we've been here for years.  If you cannot call during our regular office hours, simply leave a message and we will get back to you at whatever time you request.

How long will it take to build my new Garage?
That depends on a number of factors.  The weather naturally plays a significant part, your particular ground conditions and the time of year also affect construction times.  Your salesperson will give you an estimate of completion.

Should I wait until Spring or can ALLIED build in the winter?
The general consensus is that it is impossible to build in the Winter and that could not be further from the truth.  Although Winter conditions sometimes make it difficult, it is by no means impossible to build your new Garage in Winter.  The only disadvantage of waiting for the next Spring is that historically prices have tended to increase in the Spring when manufacturer's are gearing up for the coming building season.  Either way, it's up to you.

Can you show me other Garages you have built?
Soooooo GLAD you asked!  After 59 years we have built literally THOUSANDS of Garages and if you live in Beaver County or the surrounding area we can most likely show you a Garage right in your own neighborhood we have built.

Can you recommend someone to install electric or possibly a driveway?
Sure... US!!!  We offer a vast array of extras including Electric Packages, concrete aprons, concrete driveways, Garage Door openers, drains.. gosh, you name it, most likely if it involves a Garage we offer it.

Is ALLIED locally owned or will my money be going to some other area?
ALLIED CONSTRUCTION INC. has been locally owned for almost 60 years.  We support our area and where possible we purchase all materials from local businesses and employ local people.  Rest assured the money you spend on your new Garage will benefit our local economy and help keep our people working.

Are ALLIED Garages warranted?
YEP!  All of our Garages are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year after the date of completion.  In addition manufacturer's warranties apply for the length of their individual guarantee's.  In the case of Garage Doors this is usually 15 years.  For most vinyl sidings the manufacturer's guarantee is usually for your lifetime.  Other manufacturer's offer various warranties.  Ask your salesperson for details.